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Getting Started with RFID

Partnering with 100+ Leading
Brands and Retailers

Since entering the RFID space, Avery Dennison has collaborated with hundreds of leading brands and retailers, partnering with them to improve efficiencies and increase profits. If your business is contemplating integrating RFID into its supply chain management, we have insights into what you’ll need to think about before getting started. Here are a few key considerations:

  • Do you have visibility to your item-level, in-store inventory accuracy?
  • Are you aware of the impact it has on your business?
  • How robust is your stocking and replenishment program?
  • Do you have disciplined store operations?
  • How familiar is your C-suite with RFID technologies and its benefits?
  • Are they interested in driving adoption forward?
Avery Dennison partners with 100+ leading brands and retailers to improve efficiencies and increase profits.

Our 5-Step Adoption Process

Integrating our end-to-end RFID solutions into your business operations is made simpler with our 5-Step Business Case to Adoption Plan. It takes you from establishing the initial business case to full RFID adoption, and once started, will position your business that much closer to increased speed, accuracy, visibility, and productivity from source to consumer, with the ultimate goal of increased margins.

Avery Dennison RFID 5 Step Adoption Process: Collaborate on business case

Business Case

We collaborate with you to develop and verify
an ROI plan specific to your unique model and
clearly outline next steps in your process.

Avery Dennison RFID 5 Step Adoption Process: Create custom solution

Custom Solutions

As your implementation partner, we
customize your solution and engage
outside partners as needed.

Avery Dennison RFID 5 Step Adoption Process: Pilot

Pilot Process

Leveraging our experience with other RFID users,
we start out simple and layer in additional benefits
later in the process. Additionally, we establish key
performance indicators to help you gauge progress.

Avery Dennison RFID 5 Step Adoption Process: Initial Rollout

Initial Rollout

We guide and assist in-store associate
training, change management, initial tagging, and
compliance monitoring.

Avery Dennison RFID 5 Step Adoption Process: Full Adoption

Full Adoption

We support rollout of additional categories
and are available to guide you in source-tagging
to improve your payback and ensure
smooth operations.

Meet Bill Toney, Vice President Global RFID Market Development

How I inspire my team:
We’re changing the retail landscape, so I try to excite the people who work with me by consistently reminding them that we are a part of this massive industry transformation.

How RFID has transformed the industry:
To start, it offers 65% to 95% inventory accuracy, which has an enormous impact on a business’ bottom line. It also optimizes omnichannel and digital, which are key elements of any marketing strategy.

The business case for RFID:
Aside from improving inventory management and off-the-chart efficiencies, it typicallly pays for itself in less than a year. The average is 6 months.

RFID Basics

Avery Dennison and Labels and Labeling teamed up 
to present a webinar on RFID basics.

George Dyche, Avery Dennison director of RFID innovation and product management, offered a presentation that explored the latest in RFID technology.

Broken down into four sections, module one looks at the fundamentals of RFID, module two at RFID standards, module three explores five universal applications for RFID labels and finally in module four George looks at common RFID terminology.

Avery Dennison RFID + lululemon

We helped global yogawear brand, lululemon® implement item-level RFID to increase inventory accuracy and drive an exceptional consumer experience at retail and online.

Jonathan Aitken, director of IT, Retail Store Technology Operations, lululemon, discusses their success with implementing RFID at RFID Journal LIVE!.